The Croisée de cultures, the big event for world traditions, brings together amateurs and professionals in an intense week of practice, where new repertoires, dance steps and the voice are means of discovery. Explore the 2015 festival programme - there is so much to choose from!

Will you spend the week with Hosoo, master of Mongolian khöömei and discover the incredible technique of throat singing? Or pick the sacred chants of Corsica? Or maybe the mystical Baul tradition from Bengal? How about Sephardic heritage, which Françoise Atlas beautifully incarnates?

Travel to Cuba with percussion and song - Flecha takes you there, as does Luanda Pau. If the East is your ideal destination, who better than Efren Lopez to guide you through modal music?

Dance-wise, travel the Silk Road with Miriam Peretz. Or is it African dance and the power of Serge Tsakap that inspires you? Flamenco dance with Joaquin Grilo, living legend of Jerez, is sure to attract all the region’s aficionados.

Younger students can travel to Cuba and Mongolia or even to Andalusia with Cecilia Apsara’s flamenco, while teenagers can explore the links between African dance, hip-hop and Afro-house.

Take your time, make your choices and go for it!

Astrid Stierlin



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