With music, song, percussion and dance, the twenty-fifth edition of the la Croisée des Culture invites you to a week of rich experiences and singular encounters in the company of exceptional artists. In the virtual age, our gathering of traditional dance and music from around the world reinforces the importance of the body, gestures, vision and listening.

Croisée des Cultures is the melting pot of contemporary research and practices, which speak to the vibrancy and relevance of traditional arts. Italy is under the spotlight this year, with polyphonic song, tarantellas, and the beat of the tammorre. Following on from this, Manu Théron’s polyphonies and polyrhythms bear witness to the regeneration of the Occitan culture, while Mongolian throat singing reveals some of its secrets.  The Maghreb makes a notable return with four workshops dedicated to Arabo-Andalusian dances and repertoires with Saïda Naït-Bouda. Maria Robin’s rhythms and dances of Rajasthan will be in conversation with Raquel “la Repompilla” Heredia’s flamenco, while the Senegalese Yelly Thioune will take us away on the surges of sabra. And don’t forget the Croisée des Z’ethnos, where children are invited to travel the roads of Italy, Rajasthan and Senegal for five days of discovery – here, there and everywhere.

Over the course of the week, courses, demonstrations and convivial evenings will set the scene for this edition. ADEM invites you to spend some time in its company for an unparalleled week!

Astrid Stierlin



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