19 - 21 May 2011
Alhambra, Geneva

Invaluable in its contribution to traditional music, Ireland has many unique traits that are seen in its warmth, the conviviality of its pubs, as well as in the dances and impromptu sessions that bring together brilliant musicians.  With its unbridled dances, epic ballads and nostalgic laments, Irish music has already conquered generations of aficionados, who are attracted by its particular sound and distinctive flavours…

The characteristic voices and instruments – the harp (cláirseach,), the bagpipes (uilleann pipes) and drum (bodhrán) – which mix with other instruments that are more widely known like the guitar, violin, accordion and bouzouki, are called Celtic.  Is this a real affiliation or a product of the imagination?  It does not matter.  What counts is that with its inexhaustible repertoire, Irish music remains one of the most lively and creative genres of the European traditional scene.

Laurent Aubert
(translation Emma Johnson)