Music in exile aims to celebrate the exiled populations’ countries of origin as well as the countries that receive them. The need to shine the light on the poetic and musical heritages of these populations deeply resonated with us, particularly at a time of migratory tragedies.

To musically question exile is also to provide a platform for other voices and to showcase the cultural richness that the conflicts of our contemporary world, and fear of the unknown, tend to mask or marginalize.

Beyond the hurts and wounds, exile can also reveals itself to be fertile ground - a new territory that music, with its subtle play of memory, can live in. Each of the musicians that ADEM has invited for this festival has responded to this interplay according to their experience and imagination.

There are many life stories, individual and collective, which serve as points of departure for these artists who have known how to craft their own realities and renew their identities.

The programme approaches themes that are sometimes painful, but always underlines that music, poetry and dance harbour energy and optimism. From Syria to Venezuela, from Europe to South Africa, this festival paints a large geographic and cultural panorama, through concerts and encounters, just like the diversity of debates that open up migration.

Fabrice Contri
Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie



Buy your tickets online, or through the Service Culturel Migros, or at the venue (1h30 at Alhambra, 1h00 at AMR) before the show : CASH ONLY.