Saturday 18 March - 3 pm - Alhambra


"Once upon another time", tale and music from Iran

Younger audience show / Les Z'Ethnos - from 6 years old

Hamidreza Javdan: storyteller
Behkameh Izadpanah: setar
Mani Khoshravesh: ney, daf
Pouya Khoshravesh: kamancha, oud
Rasoul Babaei: tombak
Danielle Sulblé: guest comedian

Once upon a time there was a storyteller and some musicians. At this concert they take us to a faraway country in the East, to Iran, through the magic of the great poets’ words and the sound of traditional instruments. The words are sometimes moving, at other times playful and colourful. They are accompanied by the stirring rhythms of the tombak drum, the timbres and melodies of the setar lute, the kamancha fiddle and the ney flute. Words and instruments intermingle, taking us on a journey through the senses and emotions.

The Tchakavak Ensemble

The storyteller Hamid Javdan