Friday 6 December - 21h30



Rafael de Huelva : song
Alfredo Palacios : guitar
Antonio Perujo : dance

Tablao 3 is an intimate show that brings together the three pillars of flamenco: the voice (cante), the guitar (toque) and dance (baile). The cantaor Rafael de Huelva is an artist who started singing from a young age in the tablaos of Madrid and Barcelona. Based in Switzerland, he is now a respected artist on the Swiss flamenco scene. Born in Barcelona where he learnt to play the guitar, Alfredo Palacios has played in a duo with Rafael for years. Antonio Perujo, born in Switzerland to Spanish parents, was trained by one of the great dance maestros. Just like its protagonists, Tablao 3 offers a sincere and authentic experience: duende will be on the cards!