Friday 24 November - 21h30


Music of Greece - Ionna Anghelou Workshop

Ioanna Anghelou teaches traditional Greek music and has formed an orchestra with her best students. Together they regularly perform, giving life to ancient repertoires and Byzantine music. Here the group performs vocal and instrumental pieces from Constantinople, Asia Minor and the Dodecanese, resulting in a luminous, living music.


Ioanna Anghelou : direction, Despoina Ierapetriti : chant, Christina Eirini Tsaousidou : chant, Vasileios Katsis : chant, Eleni Fourlanou : kanun, Athanasios Tsimpis : kanun, Elli Marina Gerakiti : luth de Constantinople, chant, Nikitas Gkenosis Vagenas : oud, Ioannis Eleftheriou : lyra, Georgios Ierapetritis : violoncelle, luth, Konstantinos Panagoulis : percussions (bendir, toubeleki,daouli)