This programme offers us a way into the stage arts of Vietnam, thanks to the participation of some great artists. Most of these artists illustrate the principal traditional expressions of the Viet (or Kinh) culture, the majority ethnic group of Vietnam. One evening, however, will be dedicated to the musical practices of the minorities living in the mountains of the country. Another will present an original conversation between the music of India and Japan by the guitarist Nguyen Le and the group Saiyuki.

The invited groups were chosen due to their representative nature and the recognised quality of their performances. They will take us on a journey through the principal styles of the north, centre and south of Vietnam. This panorama will highlight the splendour and subtlety that characterises this largely unknown civilisation, one that is of great refinement. A real discovery!

Laurent Aubert
(trans. Emma Johnson)



Some beautiful photos which capture the refined atmosphere of the VIET NAM STYLE festival